The best Networkfor Parents

The new NannyHunt® social networking app was developed by Parents for Parents, to connect with Nannies, Babysitters and Tutors based on location, profiles, ratings and mutual connections. NannyHunt® referral and placements services offers a new way to find childcare and education.


Parent Features

Find a Nanny or Tutor

Quickly search by location
  • View results of Nannies and Tutors closest to your location
  • Click on their profiles to learn more
  • Select your preferred Nannies or Tutors
  • Send a job posting directly to your top candidates

Post a job

Or, simply post a job to the Nannyhunt network
  • Complete job posting form and click submit job
  • Nannies or Tutors within the network will immediately be notified of your posting
  • Use the in-app messaging feature to ask additional questions or confirm details
  • Easily review applications and simply click ‘Accept’ to your favorite applicant

Book a Nanny or Tutor

Click accept to your favorite candidate for a job
  • In-app calendar keeps tracks of all future job bookings 
  • Payment can be made on your Venmo app or in cash
  • Once a job is complete the booking is saved in your booking history
  • Ratings are required to ensure transparency

Nanny and Tutor Features

Set-Up Profile

Save time by setting up your profile
  • Complete profile to provide parents with a comprehensive overview
  • Helps to limit time consuming interviews

Finding jobs

Job postings sent directly to your app
  • Review the job posting details directly on your phone 
  • Click apply to the jobs that you are interested in, or ignore
  • Notifications of new jobs will be sent instantly to your phone
  • In-App messaging allows you to communicate directly to parents if you have any questions


Simply press confirm in your app to secure a job
  • Once you book a job it is added to your NannyHunt calendar 
  • You can keep track of all future jobs
  • After a job is complete your information is saved in your job history
  • Payment can be received directly through Venmo or in cash.


Build your community on the app
  • Search for Parents, Nannies or Tutors that are registered on the app
  • Ask to ‘friend’ those connections
  • The more connections you have the larger your network
  • When you search for a nanny or tutor, or apply for a job you can take comfort in seeing the mutual connections
  • You don’t need to have mutual connections to use the app

NannyHunt® referral and placement services offers a new way to find child care

Note: NannyHunt® does not provide or employ Nannies, Tutors or Babysitters. All childcare providers on the NannyHunt® network are independent contractors.