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GeneralClick here for questions and answers related to using our app as Parents or Nannies.

The NannyHunt app download is free. However, there is a $4.99 monthly membership fee for both Parent and Nannies. You can purchase a year subscription at a discounted rate of $54.99.
We do not sell member data to any third parties at this time.
Member data is shared (with your permission) in the app to facilitate networking opportunities by connecting parents and nannies. In addition, tracking is used at the app level to increase functionality of the app and maximize opportunities for success. Member’s data is not sold to third parties at this time.
We are so thankful that you trust NannyHunt with your data. We understand the responsibility that comes with protecting your information and will ensure that it is protected to the best of our ability.
Please click here to see NannyHunt’s privacy policy
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