Nannies: How to book a job on the app

Setup your profile

  • Build your Nanny profile so that parents can see a complete overview of your experience
  • Think of your profile as a first round interview, which saves a significant amount of time

Quick tip
Including more information in your profile will increase the chances that Parents will consider you for the job

Search for one-time, long-term or flexible job opportunities

  • There are all type of job options based on your availability
  • You will receive notifications for job postings and they will appear in the “Job Requests” area
  • Select “review” to get more info on the job and if interested, select “apply” *

View and Complete Jobs

    View and complete the job
  • Once a job is confirmed, use the in-app calendar to view the date of job
  • Receive payment directly into your bank account once the job is completed (you can also request cash if preferred)
  • Reviews/Rating are required so remember to leave one for Parents

*membership and/or transaction fees apply

Note: NannyHunt ® does not provide or employ nannies or babysitters. All childcare providers on the NannyHunt network are independent contractors.